This is the write up for grade 6 Social Science activity

Topic: Rediscovery of the Harappan Civilisation

Harappan Civilisation(2500 BCE TO 1700 BCE) was one of the oldest and the largest Civilisations of the world. The intriguing features of the so-called Civilisation has brought a lot of information regarding the culture, society, trading etc. What is the best way to learn about the lifestyle of the Harappan people but becoming one?

Students of HIS Padur are dressed up as the people of Harappan Civilisation to understand the clothings and ornaments used before 5000 years.

Boys are dressed with turban on the head, a cloth flung on the upper body and dhoti-like on the lower.
Girls dressed with colourful blouses and knee-length skirts.

This long lost History was once again rediscovered by the Hindustan Student Warriors by adorning themselves with traditional clothes and ornaments

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