• Hindustan International School - Padur

Hindustan International School Padur recognize the challenges of an inter-dependent and competitive environment and the need for children to be competitive and excel in what they do. HIS Padur will help children explore themselves and realize their full potential. The school is equipped with state of the art lab facilities and libraries for children of all levels. An indoor multipurpose hall will enable children to participate in the various activities available to them as part of their learning process.

Campus Facilities

Smart Classrooms

All our classrooms are equipped with E-Boards and Audio-Visual aids for 21st century learning teaching and learning.

Advanced Library

Libraries in all our campuses contain books, CD-ROMs, DVDs that cover a spectrum of subjects and satisfies the students’ urge to learn.

Science Zones

Concepts taught in classroom are reinforced at our science zone, which is well-equipped to work on academic problems.

Math Lab

In our math lab, students enjoy the subject and develop confidence to use it for critical thinking, evaluation and analysis.

Informatics Lab

The curriculum is also well-aligned to their needs for progressive learning of computer operation and the science behind it.

Arts Studio

Arts studio in HIS caters visually intelligent students to hone their skills in fine arts through creative expressions.


The school emphasizes on the need to develop both the body and mind. Students are encouraged to pursue some sort of physical activity.

Transport Service

All bus routes are monitored by a supervisor. The service consists of a standard service to and from the school.