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Smart Board Classroom

Interactive white boards are used for classroom teaching and involve students to learn with technology.
Notes, flowcharts, drawings and PPTs used in the course of teaching are saved to be accessed as and when required.
Students are actively involved in their learning through presentations made by them using the whiteboards.

A Library of Thoughts

The library is a spring of open minds. At HIS it’s dynamic – equipped with books, magazines and CDs covering a wide range of subjects. The library’s mandate is to foster independent, life-long learning through collaboration, providing information and learning resources, instructions and technology. Conducive study areas are provided for all HIS staff and students to facilitate learning in the school as well as to encourage active learning experience among students and teachers. Open shelf: Include fiction novels and other additional reading materials available in the library.Teacher’s resources: Collection specially housed to assist in teaching E-Resources: Thousands of e journals and e-books available

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Language Lab

Good communication skills are indispensable for the achievement of any professional. The language laboratory plays a chief role in the language learning practice. It is a technological assist for learning and has a number of advanced facilities that can help a student to learn a language with proficiency to communicate .
Modern products such as digital multimedia control, wireless headsets and microphones, the interactive response pad, etc. are very constructive for students learning languages for communication.

Math Lab

In line with the philosophy of experiential learning, HIS provides a well equipped Mathematics Lab to enhance the understanding of the subject by practical means.
The lab enables the teacher to demonstrate and explain mathematical ideas by using concrete objects, models, charts, graphs and pictures.
Through these multiple teaching and learning aids the student explore mathematical concepts and verify facts and theorems through a variety of activities.This builds student interest and confidence in the subject and removes fear.

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Science Lab

The Padur Campus has well-equipped science labs that house the Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Environmental Science labs.
Equipped with all the modern requirements, these labs are designed and built using international standard equipment and accessories.

Informatics Lab

In the era of computer technology, a timely exposure to the basics of computers, practices the child for the future. Our school’s ICT lab is adequately equipped to ensure each child has a System to work on.

Computers have become the most powerful tools of communication and creativity.
We want to make sure that our students become completely technologically savvy.

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Any good school is always prepared for unforeseen eventualities. HIS Padur is ever ready to treat and attend to emergencies as when it is required.
The campus houses a well equipped and stocked infirmary staffed by well experienced and qualified medical personnel.
The health of your child is of the utmost priority to us and our parents can rest assure that their child is in safe hands.


Sports is a very important part of the holistic development of the child. At HIS Padur, the campus offers the best facilities in all kinds of popular sporting events. The school emphasizes on the need to develop both the body and mind. Students are encouraged to pursue some sort of physical activity.

Some of the facilities available on campus are Basketball Court, Shuttle Badminton Court, Volleyball Court, Athletic Track, Tennis Court, Football, Horse Riding, Golf, Karate, all kinds of indoor games.

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Transport Services

HIS Karapakkam provides air conditioned bus service for the convenience of students. All bus routes are monitored by a supervisor. The service consists of a standard service to and from the school. Buses arrive at the school each morning at approximately 8:15 am and depart the school at approximately 3.45 pm.

Parents Web

Parents Web Portal. We at Hindustan International School have introduced a software which benefits the teachers, parents and students. Parents can now view lesson plans, homework and grades under password protection on the unique Parents Web Services. Parents can also check their student’s progress from any location via the web.

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