Student Council Member Election 2018 – 2019

“Education does not mean mere learning from real life experiences and becoming a responsible citizen”.

Friday the 29th of June 2018 is the Election Day at Hindustan International School, Padur. The students and teachers casted their vote for their Student Council Members 2018-2019.

Fourteen candidates were nominated to compete for the different positions of the student council 2018-2019. They were given a week’s time for campaigning and showcase their talents and leadership skills. The students prepared posters as part of the campaign.

The students of Grade 1 to Grade 8 along with their teachers casted their votes in the assigned polling booth on the day of the election.

The students came equipped with the ID card – to make them understand the concept and significance of Voter ID in the voting process. Their names were checked against a student’s list by the Polling Officer (Teachers), ID were stamped at the time of their vote. They waited for their turn before being escorted to the voting booth, where they could make their choice in the utmost privacy.

The voting system that they learnt from their books had become a real life experience for them.

It is so important for the students to learn about being a responsible citizen. “The more that they learn, the more that they understand the importance of voting, the more they’ll want to get out and vote when they are older.”

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