HIS Spectacular 2019

Spectacular 2019 -Exhibition Of Creative Minds

Education does not simply mean the ability to read and write, it is a wide term used to describe the complete process of intellectual development. Education in today’s scenario aims at the holistic development of Children. The aim of this holistic development is only achievable with a pragmatic approach to Education. This approach imparts learning by doing and experiencing things.

A Science, Art, Craft, Robotics and ICT Exhibition was organised for the Students of Hindustan International School, Padur on 14 November 2019(Thursday) to inculcate scientific attitude, research mindedness and artistic talents. Mr R Dorairaj, who had worked in Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre – VSSC- ISRO, Department of Space, Thiruvananthapuram and retired as Associate Project Director, GSLV Project graced the occasion and inaugurated the event. The Young Scientists showcased their creative minds and their ability in the innovative world of Science and Technology. The exhibition was organised as part of the Children’s Day.

The Chief Guest appreciated the wonderful innovations of the Students. He lauded the School for its efforts to bring out the best in every Student and being instrumental in creating more awareness of Science, Technology, Art and Craft. The Chief Guest underlined the need of Scientific and Technological innovations in order to find solutions to various social issues and motivated the Students to limit social media usage. He shared his philosophy, “Live Life Powerfully; Love What You Do; Do What You Love”.The expo was also opened for the Parents to view the creative ideas of this children.

The expo,“Spectacular 2019”at different levels was one of the innovative ways to enhance Students’ interest in Science, Technology and Arts and a wonderful tool that engages Students in learning new facts and inventions with zeal and curiosity.

The Expo gave a platform for the Students to work together in groups. Students apart from the scientific knowledge learn to respect each other’s views and thoughts, sharing experiences, cooperating with each other, managerial skills, skills of leadership, helping and caring about the feelings of fellow members.

The Students explained their projects in front of Guests and Parents which helps them to develop Public Speaking Skills. It boosts the confidence of the Students and enhances their personality. It removes fear and provides a practical platform to learn by doing and overcoming their fears.

Such exhibitions at School develop a Scientific Spirit and Curiosity in a Student which in turn forces them to think and creatively find solutions to various challenges.