Grow Your Own MicroGreens

As an initiative of ECO Club the Student Warriors of Hindustan International School Padur, created their own Micro Greens Farm in 2 weeks from the comfort of their homes and shared their experience through photo collage.

Micro greens are tiny edible plants that are older than a sprout, but younger than a full-grown plant. They are harvested after the first “true” leaves have developed and are the smallest of the salad greens. Microgreens can be grown from almost any plant variety that would produce a mature plant, such as a beet, radish or mustard. All the nutrients that the plant will ever have are packed into the microgreen.

Learning about microgreens, food safety, and how to incorporate them for a healthier diet. Students expressed their love on how they get to start over and watch the hard work pay off into beautiful, tasteful greens.
Great Effort by all our Young Agronomist

Here we proudly presents Our ‘YOUNG AGRONOMIST’ with their experience of Micro Greens farming.

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