HIS Padur Field Trip

HIS Padur Field Trip – Birla Planetarium & The Anna Centenary Library

The Students of Grade 5 & 6 visited the Birla Planetarium on 24th July 2019 as a part of Educational Field Trip to have a better understanding of the Universe, Constellations and the Solar system.Students were excited to have a 3D view of the things that they had just imagined to be huge luminous objects somewhere out there in the vast space in the Universe. Students saw how stars, planets and other objects like meteorites and asteroids are not only different from each other but also how these very differences keep our universe stable. Students also visited the Anna Centenary Library. The trip aimed to promote a reading culture among our young students and for them to be familiar with what happens in at the Public library. Students were given a chance to explore the different sections of the huge library. The trip was successful and beneficial to the students and they experienced a new environment and the importance of books which will inspire them to take better care of the school library books as also their own.