A Field trip to DakshinaChitra was arranged for the students of Grade I TO III on 27 July 2018(Friday). The students boarded the bus with all the enthusiasm to go to the field trip. When they reached the premises they were awestruck by looking at the models of the ancient houses, a village set up and tools used for occupation. They also witnessed a folk performance of South India, Puppet show, Bullock cart ride, Glassblowing demonstration. This exhibit took them back in time to relish, and to live the life of the Dravidians in the ancient time. Volunteers from the Museum helped the students to understand the setup and the events as they were walking by.


They were taken on a tour through the various houses at Dakshina Chitra, the need for things in the Chettinad house was well explained by the guide. The concept of having a central courtyard in most of these houses was elucidated to the children. They learned about different kinds of houses – including weavers’ and potters’. The brilliant sarees hung in the weaver’s house and watching the potter making pot by just molding the clay on a wheel was indeed a learning experience for them.


Children enjoyed walking into the houses which were typical of south Indian states. The most exciting part of the field trip was the bullock cart ride. It was a memorable journey for them.


It was totally a package of happiness and the day to remember to all the enthusiastic learners going to DakshinaChitra.