Career Day

Children are always inquisitive and curious about the world around them. Types of job and people who do them have been introduced as Community Helpers. Meeting real people who do the job creates a more exciting atmosphere. ‘Career Day’ added more excitement among the little ones as they chose to become who they wanted to be when they grow up.

Once young children begin to learn about the people around them, they become aware of the roles different people in their lives. The early learning experience with a range of people in the community is very valuable and Hindustan International School gives various opportunities this way including ‘Career Day’

On Career Day children outfit of their choice. We have everything from Doctor, Policemen, and Firefighter to more ambitious Teacher, fashion Designer, Dancer, Singer, and Sportsperson. During the day Children are given chance to present and explain their career costume and job they wish to do. A wide range of activity has been lined up throughout the week to keep up the theme going. It’s always a lot of fun for children who thrive on the excitement of wearing new and something unique, this helps to create happy schooling. After all the expert of anything was once a beginner and the goal of education is to be that first step of preparation for better desirable and satisfactory future.