100 Days Celebration

100 Days of Happiness in our Wonderland!

The Kindergarten Classes of HIS Padur celebrated the 100th day of School on Friday, 15 November 2019.

The 100th Day of School is always a highlight of our School Calendar. It marks a special opportunity to reflect upon and celebrate the major milestones of our Pre-Schoolers. Our young Scholars have been learning, laughing, playing, and growing from day one of Kindergarten. To portray our hands-on learning of Pre-Schoolers, this day is celebrated with gusto every year. Hundred days of memorable moments- The photographs of our little ones were displayed prominently. The Parents had a glance at their Child’s journey of hundred days at Kindergarten.

The 100th day of School was also an activity-based day for the young Students. In our the classroom we celebrated the entire day with non- stop fun-filled activities. Our wonderland creation had Fun Activities, Chart Labels, Decorations and much more. Last but not least the children were thrilled with the wonderland theme cake.Which was the highlight of the day.