Padappai (CBSE)

  • Hindustan International School (HIS) is one of the best CBSE and International school in Padappai, distinguished by its unique approach towards learning and its commitment to providing quality education leveraging the best practices of both traditional and contemporary schools of education.

    At HIS the CBSE curriculum, offering education from KG to Grade 6.

  • Academics

    Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE)

     We recognize the challenges of an interdependent and competitive environment and the need for children to be competitive and excelled in what they do. The CBSE curriculum is content-rich and combines learning and practical knowledge.
    Based on the core knowledge sequence, children learn about world history, geography, art, and information about major civilizations, cultures and religion both ancient and modern. Visits to local museums and other places of interest deepen the young students’ understanding of classroom lessons and learning through real-life experiences.

  • Building for the future

    We are committed to providing our students with top-class facilities and an ideal environment to learn and grow. We are undergoing a major project to dramatically improve our buildings and facilities. This includes air-conditioned and smart-board equipped classrooms, day care centre, a well-manicured football field, making HIS one of the high quality and best CBSE and International schools in Padappai.
    HIS in Padappai is set in  3.5 acres, so you will find your child in a versatile environment. We can proudly claim that we are one of the few schools in this belt of Chennai with a sprawling playground and plenty of space for children to enjoy. The campus is a thriving community and features the neatly squared academic building, a well-maintained football field, kiddies play corner, a cricket net area, horse riding circuit and more.

  • Admissions

    Admissions are open!

    The Hindustan International School is established by the Hindustan Group of Institutions. The Padappai Campus of HIS is offfering CBSE curriculum. At HIS the CBSE curriculum, offering education from KG to Grade 6.
    For Enquiry regarding Admission.
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